Sacramento APWA Monthly Meeting for March 2013
Event Date
Mar 1, 2013
Registration Dates
Feb 6, 2013toMar 1, 2013
APWA Monthly Luncheon - City of Sacramento Water Treatment Plants Rehabilitation Project
Friday March 1, 2013

Dan Sherry and Chris Cleveland will discuss rehab work on the City's water treatment facilities. Originally constructed in the 1920’s, many of the facilities have reached the end of their useful lives and solids production at both plants have exceeded the capacities of the existing lagoon-based handling system. This $144m project replaces or rehabilitates the original SRWTP facilities and adds mechanical dewatering based solids handling systems to both plants.

Where: Red Lion Hotel (formerly Woodlake/Radisson), 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento

When: 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

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Cost: $25 if registered on line by Monday February 25, $30 after that

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