Public Works Institute: Module 4 of 4 : Advanced Management Concepts
Event Dates
Oct 2, 2013toOct 4, 2013
Registration Dates
Aug 1, 2013toSep 24, 2013
This is Module 4 of four modules in the American Public Works Association’s 90-hour program of instruction in Supervision and Management in Public Works. This program, covering 90 hours of basic and advanced supervision and management over a three-year period, was developed by APWA to meet the training needs of municipal utility and public works agencies. This highly-affordable program is taught by public works practitioners to public works employees and culminates in a PWI Certificate.


How to Register Someone Other Than Yourself:

If you are signing up yourself then don't bother reading this...

Just about the only issue we ever have with on-line registration is people trying to sign up other people. Typically this is an office assistant signing up a manager.

The easy way to do this is to keep a one-to-one correspondence between:

1. The person attending.
2. The name on the credit card.
3. The name on the free sign-in account if not a member of APWA, or the name on the official APWA account if they are a member.

So if it is going to be paid with the manager's credit card, use the manager's sign-in. Otherwise the system thinks the card is invalid. If it is your card, then it has to be your sign-in.

For registration purposes, you can sign up anyone you want, as long as someone appears at the meeting. We don’t have premade nametags, we don’t really track who is registering versus who is attending, we just want people to show up, have a good time, and exchange ideas with their peers.

The last step, if you are an office assistant signing up a manager, is to ask your manager if they are going to take you to the annual "Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon" held the first Friday of December....

Steve Hiatt
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